Santorini / Karma restaurant / Real hidden gem in Oia / 聖托里尼推薦。好吃CP值高希臘料理餐廳。隱藏在後巷中的可愛小花園

Paidakia marinated lamb chops,
served with potato and arugula – most Greeks eat beef or pork at least once a week, but lamb is a real treat. It is more than just meat. If lamb is a beyond-meat Greek treat, lamb chops (paidakia) are a delicacy. Paidakia are marinated with oregano, lemon juice, herbs, thyme and pepper and then grilled at a high temperature until they are well done. 

The words from the owner :

Thus, I speak for you and me

Because I love you and in love I know How to enter like the Full Moon

The Monogram Odysseus Elytis

Welcome to Karma Restaurant

Love is to see beauty in simplicity, revealing quintessence through the complexity of things. It is the union of opposites, with respect and acceptance. Where differences are em- braced, the fruit of love is born. This is the basis on which the menu of Karma Restaurant was designed. After seven years on a journey of tastes from around the world, we have the experience to showcase traditional home-made Greek cuisine. Thirty exquisite dishes, based on recipes from Aegean islands, are waiting for you to whisper their secrets and the love with which they were created, and to enjoy a unique dining experience.

Restaurant Karma is situated in idyllic Santorini located on the pedestrian road of the traditional village of Oia behind the tower clock and offers the perfect setting for a romantic quiet dinner. The impressive decoration is combined with an innovative Greek inspired cuisine, attentive staff, delicately engineered music and an easy flowing space turns any ordinary evening into an exotic adventure. The restaurant is also available for wedding receptions for up to 45 people please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

#Off the main drag and away from tourist trap mania. A complete change from the touristy areas of Oia.
#Well worth a visit, really loved the quiet vibe away from the hustle and bustle of Oia. Escape the tourists and crowds.
#In season reservation is recommended around sunset time.
#The place is very cozy, especially at the evening.

#Quiet, laid back atmosphere. Nice chilled-out place
#Portions are generous, excellent food with reasonably priced. The food and prices compliment each other well.
#Beautiful decor and ambiance.
#Lovely garden area in the open air to dine. Laid back environment.
#The staff was incredibly friendly, the service is absolutely amazing!
#The fried feta with sesame and honey. Oh wow! 

Fried Feta with Honey and Sesame Seeds
a mouth-watering veggie dish that boasts an extraordinary combination of juicy, salty feta that has been fried and covered with crisp, golden-brown sesame seeds, and driz- zled with a sweet honey sauce .

#Hidden away from the view, down the back pathways. No sea view but great for people-watching as they walk through the narrow alleyways.
#Excellent music playing.
#The best restaurants in Oia are without caldera view and Karma is no exception to this rule.
#Plenty of veggie and vegan options. Even vegan dessert.
#Very good authentic modern Greek cuisine in a tranquil setting.




該餐廳也提供舉辦婚禮招待會,最多可容納45人,如需要更多詳細的訊息,可以直接上Karma 粉專詢問


#價格算是伊亞這一區域CP值最高的,平均價位在10 ~ 20歐元之間,且餐點都是使用新鮮當地食材製作。這一次的造訪很幸運的可以與經營者面對面的聊聊他的餐廳,他驕傲的說餐廳中的每一道料理,都是根據希臘傳統料理配方製作,主要都是希臘各各小島的傳統料理。







tomatoes and peppers stuffed with a delightful mix of rice and herbs, accompanied by roast potatoes, a slice of feta cheese, and extra virgin olive oil. This is one of the tastiest and most colorful plates in Greece cuisine 



Tomatokeftedes with feta dip
fried tomato balls using Santorini’s local cherry tomatoes, which are renowned for their amazing texture, due to the volcanic nature of the soil, which is full of minerals and nu- trients. It is no surprise that the locals cherish their locally-produced tomatoes, making the very best tomato balls in all of Greece . 


Revithatha chickpea stew
a simple and rustic vegetarian stew made from chickpeas and onions, cooked gently for 5 hours in a lidded clay pot, a specialty from the island of Sifnos .


Aromatic salad
with Santorini sundries tomatoes and gratinated goats’ cheese. The fresh seasonal herbs and leaves (arugula, lettuce, lola, stamnagathi, Swiss chard, fresh coriander and cardamom) play a leading role in this fragrant green salad


Skordomakarona Santorinis,
heavenly garlic spaghetti with Santorini’s local cherry tomatoes and fresh basil from our gar- den. For those wanting an extra kick, add fresh red chili and parmesan cheese 




Address:伊亞 Oía, Kikladhes, Greece 847 02
Open hour : Mon to Sun : 09:00 - 23:30

All photos by Toto Kuo

Wedding / Event / Honeymoon Trip / Food Photography
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