Isla Coffee Berlin / minimizing food waste deserves great praise。柏林減少食物浪費咖啡館,值得你造訪

The Q&A with the the manager and do-owner Peter at Isla Berlin

1. What is your favorite dish or drink here?

Our favorite dish, it’s hard to say. We like the Kouign Amann from the pastries, and the egg dishes that come out of our kitchen are pretty great.

2. Do you have any tip for people who visiting here for the first time ? 

Our tip for people coming for the first time is to chat with our staff about our concept. We try to integrate the circular economy and sustainability deeply into what we do at Isla.

3. Could you use three words to describe this place?
Three words: inviting, light, transparent.

#Isla is a little gem of the busy Berlin coffee map!
#Nice coffee and atmosphere in this area in Neukölln which has not many coffeeshops to choose from.
#Decoration minimum but classy.
#The relaxed atmosphere was contagious.
# If you like coffee, check this place out! Doesn't matter if you like an espresso, filter coffee or a flat white. These guys know how to serve a great coffee.
#They work on a sustainable basis.
#It has a relaxing atmosphere so it is a very good place to socialize with your friends or to work using their fast wifi.
#The barista are normally very friendly and ready to chat you up about your coffee habits.
#Their brunch is served on the weekends, from 10 am -4 pm. Unfortunately, we don't take reservations Come early!

#They knows how to select the right beans/roasts and knows how to turn that into the perfect espresso. Also great if you want help selecting some beans to take home or for any general coffee chit chat.
#Instagram friendly food.
#Nice backyard to sit outside!
#food is definitely worth your visit, and what they are doing with minimizing food waste deserves great praise - in fact, that’s all the more reason for you to head there! So it's not just nice and yummy but also for a good cause to eat and drink there.

#The coffee cups that is made of recycled coffee waste which they also sell at the shop.

To check out more about the coffee cup :
“Julian Lechner, the product designer, discovered a new use for waste, of which
20 million tones are thrown away every year”

The idea and starting point for product designer Julian Lechner was the simple question of
what happens to used coffee grounds, as well as the desire to use this good, natural
raw material even further and to create something completely new from this. It is wood-like surface, the smell of coffee, the light weight, the long shelf life and the washability.

#只有假日提供好吃早午餐 ,10 am -4 pm 並不提供訂位,所以建議可以早點去,我們到的時候就只剩下一桌靠窗的座位。我們點了蜂蜜肉桂法式吐司和波菜羊奶起士煎餅,對我來說他們看起來比較好吃,法式吐司對我來說蛋液讓吐司泡太軟了,失去了應該有的吐司彈性口感,不過我非常喜歡他們將整個蜂窩方塊,裝飾在上面,口感很特別。另外煎餅,個人不喜歡它有點粉粉的口感,且整體感覺是忘了放鹽的比較沒有味道。


產品設計師Julian Lechner的想法和出發點是一個簡單的問題

Address:Hermannstraße 37, 12049 Berlin
Open hour : Mon to Fri : 07:30 - 18:00 Sat & Sun : 09:00 - 18:00 

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