ONE DAY ONE CAFE IN BERLIN / CAMON Coffee / 新克爾恩區好喝咖啡館

The Q&A with the Staff Nicole Peltzer at CAMON Coffee

What is your favorite dish or drink here?
My favourite drink would be a cup of batch brew and one of the sandwiches.

Do you have any tip for people who visiting here for the first time ?
Well if you come in for the first time you might not see the coffee menu right away - it's on the right side of the counter on the tiles. I would probably suggest to start with a milky coffee drink to try our sweet and chocolaty houseblend together with a fresh juice and a toasted sandwich. If you are here for work you can choose a seat at our work bench which has enough outlets for all your devices. If you like it more cosy and want to hang out with a book in hand we have oversized steps with lots of cushions with natural light. Or just sit in the front window a watch Sonnenallee go by. For your second order you can go for a Batch Brew and choose from a wide selection of sweet treats.

Could you use three words to describe this place?
I'd say the place is calm, welcoming & friendly with quality coffee & breakfast!

#Relatively new specialty coffee shop.
#A great hangout coffee and snacks place.
#One of the best cafe in the heart of Neukolln, it would be a good option if you are in the area.
#There's great sandwiches and pastries and a big selection of handcrafted coffees
#Nice place for a breakfast, quiet and comfortable.

 laptop-friendly area

#It is ok to use computer here, they have pretty good wifi connection no password easily accessible. But they only allow you to seat at smaller table if you are alone which is understandable.
#The tables featuring vases of water, sprinkled with orange slices.
#There are not a ton of outlets, but the ambience is relaxing and gentle.
#Open space, a somewhat small building, but still open and not overly crowded with tables.
#The interior is very cool, cozy and laid out well and provides areas to sit and work on a laptop, read a book, or chat with friends.

#There are coffee gear and beans from a different bunch of German roasters.
#It's a bit on the expensive side.
#I enjoyed a grapefruit yogurt cake. And filter coffee from Ethiopia.
#One of the staff was really friendly (such a treat)

The friendly staffs

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#約下午4 / 5 點,陽光直接灑進咖啡館,很舒服,如果你喜歡享受陽光又不怕冷的話,可以選擇戶外座位區。
#我點了當天的filter coffee,是衣索比亞單品豆,味道很平衡,我很喜歡,搭上我點了一塊葡萄柚優格蛋糕,很搭,不過蛋糕體本身有點太乾了,且對我來說過甜,不過配咖啡還是不錯的選擇。


Address:Sonnenallee 27, 12047 Berlin
Open hour : Mon to Fri : 08:00 - 18:00 Sat & Sun : 10:00 - 18:00

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